Curtin International Ultimate Cook-Off 2016

Curtin International Ultimate Cook-Off 2016 will be co-organized by the Student Council and International Students Association. It is an event catered for students in Curtin University Sarawak to share their cultural food and culture diversity amongst each other. There are many students of different ethnicity and race studying in Curtin University, however many are still unaware or lack the understanding of the diversity or culture behold in this campus. The Curtin International Ultimate Cook-Off 2016 will consist of 10 teams – 2-3 participants in each team, from each respective country, competing for First, Second and Third Prize.  There will be two additional special prizes ‘Best Starter Prize’ and ‘Best Main Course Prize’.

Everybody loves food. Therefore we want to bring food from different parts of the world to Curtin University Sarawak. Students can choose to represent a country of their choice and will be given a chance to display delicacies from their country.

This event consists of two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A holds the cooking competition (each  team representing 1 country) judged by celebrity chefs and representatives of Curtin University Sarawak. In this process, the cultural background and cultural food of each participant from each country will be portrayed, presented and explained.

Part B of the event (after cooking competition) allows all students of Curtin University Sarawak to indulge in the food prepared and sold by each participant.

Cook Off Poster

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