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A weekend away for international students at Similajau National Park in nearby Bintulu. The 22,230 protected acres of the park features spectacular rainforest and breathtaking beaches of white and golden sand facing the South China Sea. Our 2 days, 1 night trip leaves on Saturday morning and will arrive back on campus on Sunday evening. Expect a great trip if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, because we’ll be spending our time jungle trekking, bird watching, barbecuing, crocodile sighting, and sea and river cruising! Pack your sunglasses, bathing suits, and sunscreen, we’re headed to the beach. This is the perfect way to start your holidays 🙂

The park boasts gibbons, banded langurs and long-tailed macaques as well as over 185 species of birds including hornbills. Dolphins are found in the sea off the park’s coast during the months of March to September every year. They are often spotted in groups of four or more during early morning. Turtles also come ashore during these months and so we’ll be hoping to spot Green turtles, Leatherbacks or Hawksbills. Perhaps we’ll also see one of the large Saltwater crocodiles in the area. Finally, the Horseshoe crab is often spotted during the dry season starting from early May and we may get a chance to see their mating rituals.


Day 1: 

Bright and early at 9am we’ll depart from Curtin Sarawak. We’ll enjoy lunch at Niah Junction before arriving at Similajau at around 2pm. You’ll have some leisure time to explore the park before a delicious BBQ dinner on the beach at 4:30pm. That evening, at around 7pm we’ll depart for a crocodile and firefly spotting cruise on the river.

Day 2: 

8am Breakfast followed by 9am Trek to Turtle Beach. At noon we’ll enjoy a packed lunch on the beach. At 2pm we’ll hop in a boat to cruise back to camp stopping at a traditional Long House on the way. At 4pm we’ll depart for Curtin.


RM 100 per student includes EVERYTHING! Food, transport and accommodation. Tickets will be on sale by the International Students Association. Like us on Facebook to stay updated.

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