Talk gives geology students insights into research at ancient German copper mine

Miri – 24 August 2017 – Over 50 students and lecturers of the Department of Applied Geology at Curtin University, Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) learned about ongoing research on an ancient copper mine in Germany during a talk by Dr Franz Luitpold Kessler, Fellow of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), at the university campus recently.

The talk was jointly organised by the Curtin Geology Club and AAPG & EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) Student Chapters of Curtin Malaysia.

Dr Kessler was previously Head of the Department of Applied Geology at Curtin Malaysia and has in-depth knowledge of the geological background of Miri and Northwest Borneo.

He talked at length about the research on the copper mine being undertaken by Goldsbach Geoconsultants, of which he is a consultant, giving insights into new data on ancient mines in Germany obtained using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and the integration of GPR, surface geology and mining data. He also showed his interpretations of how GPR can be used in various geological applications, including the search for shallow subsurface cavities like disused mines.

In addition, Dr Kessler also presented some aspects of the stratigraphy, mineralisation and faulting of this interesting area in Germany, one among many mines related to the famous Permian Kupferscheifer copper deposits.

At the end of the talk, students conducting their own research projects had the chance to consult with Dr Kessler about his previous and current geological research work in Northern Borneo.

Third-year student Tania Uli Crocker commented that the radar diagram shown by Dr Kessler was very fascinating and the talk on the whole was very educational, adding that she was glad to have had the opportunity to talk to Dr Kessler about her petroleum geology project.

The Curtin Geology Club hosts annual technical talks by experienced researchers and geologists. Curtin Malaysia’s Department of Applied Geology also organises field trips to places of academic interest for students aimed at enhancing learning and providing opportunities for student research, as well as activities such as beach and cave clean-ups.

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Dr Kessler addressing students and lecturers.

Dr Kessler with students and lecturers who attended the talk.

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