International Students Association

Welcome to the ISA!

The International Student Association is a registered student organization operating under the International Division and in partnership with the Curtin Sarawak Student Council. The main aim of ISA is to provide International students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures and promote international friendship.

International Students in Curtin Sarawak have turned the student population into a diverse body, and to cater to the needs and wants of all internationals, the ISA was formed.


The ISA creates several cultural, social, and recreational events that give students the opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures further enriching their experience in Curtin Sarawak.

Our flagship events include:

  • Shape-Up Boot Camp
  • International Cook – Off.
  • International Festival
  • Curtin Olympics
  • International Day
  • Movie Nights
  • Beach Clean-up

You won’t want to be left behind in any of these events, so join in the fun! These activities are mainly aimed at expressing the large cultural diversity that exists in Curtin Sarawak.


Do you want to participate in the ISA? There are so many ways to do so. Contribute your ideas and propose activities, we’ll try to sponsor them and you can help us organize them; or volunteer to help out with our existing, exciting program! It’s a great way to meet other international students.

Above all we value your feedback about our past events. Feel free to fill in any feedback forms or talk to our committee members, we really appreciate your input.


ti.pngIt gives me great pleasure to welcome the new and old International students to this academic year 2016. It’s always exciting seeing campus bubbling with life and activities. It’s important to know that the staff here at Curtin and the student representatives have worked really hard to give you a great year.

To our new internationals, it’s a fun challenge leaving home as an international student in search of quality education.  As internationals we bring something unique to this campus. We bring wealth in terms of culture, religion, fashion, tradition, language and many more. One of our roles on this campus is to integrate with the community here at Curtin and share our uniqueness.

Curtin does not only provide a platform for quality education but we aim to do more by building other qualities in our students. During your time here, I challenge you all to participate in extracurricular club activities as it provides an excellent opportunity to develop your intellectual and leadership qualities.

It’s the role of the International Students Association (ISA) to ensure your university life is amazing. We do this by organising sizzling events such as the iFest, which happens to be the biggest event on campus, international cook off, Curtin Sports Cup, Shape-Up Bootcamp, Tuition free week camps, movies nights and many more. The ISA is also your voice on campus so it’s imperative for not just the new but old students to be involved with us.

As president of the International Students Association, I welcome you to Curtin University, Miri Sarawak. It is my desire that you all scale to unimaginable heights and have a wonderful Curtin experience.  Welcome to your world on campus.


Mfonido Ti Ukpabio

President, International Students Association 2016

International Sub-Council, Student Council 2016

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