International Students Association

Welcome to the ISA!

The International Student Association is a registered student organization operating under the International Division and in partnership with the Curtin Malaysia Student Council. The main aim of ISA is to provide International students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures and promote international friendship.

International Students in Curtin Malaysia have turned the student population into a diverse body, and to cater to the needs and wants of all internationals, the ISA was formed.

The ISA creates several cultural, social, and recreational events that give students the opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures further enriching their experience in Curtin Malaysia.

Our flagship events include:

  • Shape-Up Boot Camp
  • International Cook – Off.
  • International Festival
  • Curtin Olympics
  • International Day
  • Movie Nights
  • Beach Clean-up

You won’t want to be left behind in any of these events, so join in the fun! These activities are mainly aimed at expressing the large cultural diversity that exists in Curtin Malaysia.


Do you want to participate in the ISA? There are so many ways to do so. Contribute your ideas and propose activities, we’ll try to sponsor them and you can help us organize them; or volunteer to help out with our existing, exciting program! It’s a great way to meet other international students.

Above all we value your feedback about our past events. Feel free to fill in any feedback forms or talk to our committee members, we really appreciate your input.


On behalf of International Students Association (ISA), I am so delighted to welcome our incoming and returning international students for the year 2017. You are the only reason this campus is bright and lively. With a new year comes new opportunities for academic and personal growth, and we look forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery.

Study life, specially university life is an exceptional period in one’s life. On top of that, if you have left your house, or country, it shows your quest to gain some phenomenal education. As an international student, you face many challenges in your way to your graduation that brings out the best out of you and groom your personality to threshold.

We enjoy the company of students from 47 different countries here in our campus, I do believe that this “DIVERSITY UNITES US” on a very next level. We tend to work together for your welfare and well-being at campus and make your stay interesting and enjoyable in Malaysia. I hope you will have a great time ahead at Curtin University Malaysia and make all the internationals proud with you academic and extra-curricular excellence.


Syed Murtuza Mahmood
President | International Students Association 2017
International Sub-Council | Student Council 2017

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