Borneo Youth Leadership Conference Project

I got a chance to get involved in an organising committee of one of the biggest conferences in East Malaysia – the Borneo Youth Leadership Conference. For me, it was a surprise because I did not expect such an opportunity to come my way. The Organising Chair called me aside and asked me if I would like to become the Treasurer, at that point I had so many thoughts in my head, the loudest one being, is it me he is asking?

In the midst of all the preparation and sending hundreds of invitations, I was called upon to organize an event together with the Miri Single Mothers Cooperation! Throughout the initial planning phase I was a bit concerned if I was going to be able to get enough people to join the event. Luckily, things were going my way, all my prayers were answered and in two days I had exceeded the total number of people we had targeted for this event.

Dubbed as the Pengakalan Village Cleanup by the Miri Single Mothers Cooperation, this event comprised of planting trees, cooking for the community, a coloring competition for the local children and cleaning up the whole village. My friends, Vinodh, Vimmalan, Rexy and I started digging the holes. I had to bring out my African side and show them how to dig holes. They were good but the African Muscle beats it all. Ha-ha… Just kidding.


In no time, we had dug the required holes. All that was remaining was to wait and hope people turn up.

To my surprise, quite a number of people turned up for the event. The most exciting thing was that I was able to plant my own tree!! I was starting to shape my political career, smiling for the cameras, and handing out gifts to the children, for whom we had organised a colouring competition. I even got to sit next to reputable officials in Miri. It was such an experience and more so that we got to engage with the community and do something good for them. I would say it was more than amazing. After the day had ended, I sat back and realized that I was part of something much bigger than I had expected. All that’s waiting for now is the BYLC conference!

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