Curtin Sarawak’s Gift to Me


I am an Afghan who grew up in Dubai and upon graduating from one of the more prestigious school (don’t mean to brag), I ended up enrolling in Curtin University Sarawak. One of my favourite things about this university is the myriad of clubs that are made available to students, each with its own unique cause providing its own unique experience. Of the many clubs that I joined, the one that stood out was the Curtin Oratory Debating Society (CODES). It is an outstanding club that has broadened my horizons and at the same time, given me the opportunity to interact with students from various other institutions during the course of several debate tournaments.

A memorable experience was the recent National Inter-Varsity University Debating Championship where I had the opportunity to engage with students of various nationalities, disciplines and backgrounds. Watching them analyzing situation in a limited time frame was an amazing learning experience for me, especially since engineers are required to apply their problem solving skills in time deprived situations. Being a member of CODES taught me how to express my ideas, like most people, I had not known how to do previously. Curtin Sarawak, through its clubs, gifted me with the ability to express my ideas to the outside world, and all in all, made me a more able and confident engineering student.

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