Usage of the Document Requisition Form effective 1 February 2018

Effective 1 February 2018, all international students are required to fill in the International Division Document Requisition Form for any requests of the following documents from the International Division Office:

Document Purpose
Student Status Letter To state the student’s enrolment status in Curtin Malaysia
Foundation Completion Letter To state the student’s completion in a Curtin Malaysia Foundation course.
New Bank Account Letter To validate a student’s status in Curtin Malaysia for the purpose of opening a new bank account.

Information stated includes the student’s name, ID number, course enrolled, course commencement date and course duration.

The opening of a new bank account requires both the New Bank Account Letter and Letter of Offer.

Release Letter To state and validate that the requester was a student of Curtin Malaysia.

Information stated includes the requester’s name and ID number, passport number, nationality, program(s) undertaken, duration of studies and overall attendance.

Applies for students whom have completed their studies with Curtin Malaysia but has not undergone graduation.

Letter of Offer To state the offer by Curtin Malaysia based on the student’s application.

Information stated includes the student’s name, ID number, course of study, tuition fees, course commencement date and any other academic or non-academic requirements.

CGPA Letter To state and validate a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) based on the Malaysia Grading System.
Others Any other official document(s) required by government or non-government agencies, embassies, high commission offices or any other relevant organisations from the International Division Office.

A minimum payment of RM10.00 will be charged per copy or type of document requested. Payment can be made online or over the counter to the Cashier at Student Central, Heron 1. All completed forms can be submitted online via email to or directly to the International Division Office, Prinia 1 with receipts attached.

All successfully submitted requests will take three (3) working days to process after payment has been made. A notification email will be sent to your student account upon completion. Students are required to present their student IDs or any other valid personal identification upon collection.

Kindly contact the International Division via email at or telephone extensions 3909/5098/5099/5114 for any enquiries.

International Division Document Requisition Form

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