Due to its proximity to the equator, Miri enjoys a wonderful tropical climate. You can expect hot and humid conditions during your time here. Temperatures are generally fairly constant, averaging between 32 °C by day and 22 °C by night (72-93°F) all year round. Humidity levels are generally close to 80%. Basically, it’s summer all year long!

There is usually a pleasant onshore breeze along the coast during the afternoon. But, due to the tropical climate, mosquitoes and sand flies are common. You can get repellant and sunscreen here but you may want to pack some good UV protecting sunglasses for those lazy days at the beach.

Be prepared for thunderstorms that can be frequent and heavy especially during the monsoon season. The Northeast Monsoon in Malaysia is characterized by steady northeast wind, usually occurring from about mid-November until March. During this period coastal areas of Sarawak, including Miri, will experience widespread heavy spells of rain, lasting 2 to 3 days. About 4 or 5, such spells are expected each monsoon season but fair weather is expected otherwise. Even when there are torrential downpours and spectacular thunderstorms, these quickly give way to muggy but dry sunshine. Miri’s infrastructure copes well with the rains and they should not impact on your stay overly much.