Mobile phones

Getting a mobile phone

A mobile phone is helpful for staying in touch with friends and family. While it may be possible for you to use your mobile handset from home, switching to a Malaysian mobile plan will provide you with a local number and will invariably be more cost effective.

You can get a Malaysian mobile number by purchasing a SIM card after your arrival. There are a number of carriers and a variety of prepaid and postpaid payment plans to choose from. You will need to have your passport with you when you sign up.


All mobile carriers have physical locations in the city of Miri, so you’ll have the option of face-to-face service. The main carriers are:

Most mobile carriers provide broadband and it’s often cost effective to get both services bundled together. Make sure you inquire about this when you sign up.


With a prepaid plan, there is no lock-in contract; you pay in advance by purchasing phone credit. You pay a ‘top-up’ fee each month or when your credit expires. Service and pricing options vary in terms of call, text and data allowance, and days to expiry.

If you opt for a prepaid plan, you can buy mobile phone credit using your credit card, by internet banking transfer or with vouchers. You can also purchase mobile phone credit vouchers on campus.


With a postpaid plan, you agree to a fixed-term contract with a mobile phone carrier and pay your phone usage bill monthly for the duration of your contract. Make sure you understand the exact implications of terminating your contract early.


Electricity in Miri is 220 volts, 50 cycles and the power point is of the British Standard BS 1363 or Type G plug. This plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern and has an incorporated fuse (usually a 3 amps fuse for smaller appliances such as a computer and a 13 amps one for heavy duty appliances such as heaters). This model is used throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and also in Singapore.


00 is the International Access / Dial Code to make an overseas call from within Malaysia.

60 is the International Country code for Malaysia.