What to bring

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting. The following information will help you pack the things you need to get settled at Curtin Malaysia. Most importantly, before you leave, please make sure you have all necessary documents with you.


You will need to bring the following documents:

  • Letter of Offer
  • original or certified copies of your qualifications
  • original copy of your Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa
  • driver’s licence (if you have one)
  • travel documents and passport
  • medical history or prescriptions if you require ongoing medication.

Check your passport expiry date before departure as renewing a passport in Malaysia can take some time. Your passport must be valid for at least one year (12 months) before you enter Malaysia.


Ensure that you’ve packed clothing to keep you comfortable in Miri’s very hot and humid weather; remember it can rain a lot in monsoon season. Most students wear comfortable, casual clothes to class each day. A bathing suit will be handy if you plan to swim in a swimming pool or at the beach. You can learn more about Miri’s climate and get an update on campus weather here.


Bring your camera if you have one, to capture all of your Malaysian experiences. Although there are computer labs on campus, you may appreciate bringing your own laptop to complete your assignments and for internet access at wireless networking locations on and off campus.

  • Check that your electronics are compatible with Malaysian voltage (230V | 50Hz). If you’re traveling from the Americas, some of your electronics may not work without a Step Down Transformer. You’ll need to purchase one in Miri for around RM 600.00 as these are generally too heavy to travel with.
  • Buy an adapter (or a few) if you need to. Electricity in Miri is 230 volts, 50 cycles and the power point is of the British Standard BS 1363 or Type G plug. This plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern and has an incorporated fuse (usually a 3 amps fuse for smaller appliances such as a computer and a 13 amps one for heavy duty appliances such as heaters). This model is used throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and also in Singapore.


Most accommodation options, except homestays, do not include homewares such as cooking utensils, sheets and blankets. You may choose to bring some of these items with you. Alternatively, homewares can be purchased from a number of different stores at varying prices. You can also look for second-hand items on mudah.my. Secondhand household items are also available at cheap prices from graduating students.


The Ringgit Malaysia (RM) is the basic unit of exchange. You can check the current rate against your home currency, and also get information about the cost of living in Miri on our Budget Planning page. We recommend you bring at least RM2000 and have access to further funds if needed to get yourself set up in Miri. Once you arrive, you can set up an Malaysian bank account and transfer money into it from your overseas account. Note that bank clearings can take up to one week for electronic transfers, and 3-4 weeks for bank drafts. It is more convenient to transfer funds electronically when depositing large sums of money into bank accounts.


Check the Malaysian Customs page for information about restricted biological goods, including food, plant and animal matter and other restricted and prohibited items, including currency, medicines, drugs and weapons.


Other than the above, please ensure that you have booked your accommodation and Airport Reception Services (ARS) in advance should you require our university representative to pick you up from the Miri Airport. We only provide pick up services for students and guests from the Miri airport to their respective on campus accommodation.