Transferring to Curtin Australia

Curtin Malaysia’s International Student Office provides a full service to students who wish to transfer and continue their studies at Curtin in Australia. Since Curtin Malaysia is a branch campus, our degrees are exactly the same offered by Curtin in Australia and transfer between campuses is easy.



If you need any assistance, please email or drop by the International Student Office.

Below are the guidelines on how to transfer to Perth Campus.

Criteria to apply to transfer and continue to the other Curtin Campus:

  1.  Current Academic Status must be in “Good Standing” or “Conditional”
  2. Applicable for those who complete at least one semester in the Degree programme at Miri Campus.

Step 1: Fill in the International Application for Admission Campus Transfer Request Form

Step 2:  Submit the completed form and the documents required to International Student Office:

Once complete all the documents required as per above, please submit in a hard copy to International Student Office or submit in a soft copy by emailing all the documents to

Students who wish to transfer to Perth Campus are required to submit all the documents 6 months before the new semester commences (the orientation date).

If you are applying as a new student, please apply directly through the website.

For the accommodation at Perth Side – please refer to the link given –

For visa application to Perth, Malaysian students can apply online at or or apply through an agent.

For International students, it is advisable to go through an agent for the Australian Student Visa application.

Deadlines for Application

To join February intake: 31st October in the earlier year

To join July intake: 31st March of the same year

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details regarding this matter.


Flowchart for Applying Transfer to Perth Campus

International Application for Admission Campus Transfer Request Form

Genuine Student Assessment Form (GSAF)