Planning your budget

The cost of living in Miri is very reasonable indeed, but expenses can also vary, depending on your personal tastes. You should have access to at least RM2000 when you arrive to settle in during your first week. You can budget a minimum of around RM 1700 per month to cover your student living costs.


Curtin Malaysia campus is a vibrant destination with many food outlets, a health unit, counselling facilities and outstanding sports grounds. Miri has excellent shopping and leisure centres, and the nearby beaches, national parks, events and festivals are well known. With great weather year round, Miri gives you plenty of opportunities to combine study with your favourite activities. Planning your budget and finances is an important element of making the most of your time in Miri.


There are costs associated with settling into Miri, so we recommend you arrive in Malaysia with at least RM2000. If you’re staying privately (i.e. not in University accommodation) you should have easy access to another RM5000 during the first week to cover initial accommodation costs, including the first month’s rent and a security deposit (usually 2 or 3 months rent), paid in advance.


Your day-to-day living costs will vary, depending on your personal tastes and whether you also have a family to care for. Before you arrive in Miri, you should plan a budget that suits your preferences and needs.

Service Single (RM)
Rent (furnished residence, sharing with other students) 600
Utilities (gas, water and electricity) 75
Food 500
Public transport 90
Clothing, toiletries and entertainment 300
Stationery, photocopies etc 70
Total 1635

There are a number of both on and off campus accommodation options available. Contact Curtin’s Housing Services for assistance with finding a place to live.



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