Fees and Charges

For the purposes of fee calculations an international student at Curtin Malaysia is someone who is neither a Malaysian citizen nor a permanent resident. Students who are permanent residents of Malaysia, but not Sarawak, are eligible for local student fees but are required to also pay the Additional Fees for International Students as detailed below. All fees are indicative and based on full time study load. Curtin Malaysia reserves the right to amend these fees without notice.

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Fees and Charges at Curtin Malaysia

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All students are required to pay their course fee directly to the University. New students are required to pay the course fee stated in the Letter of Offer. One month before the new semester begins, all re-enrolling students will receive a fee invoice and full payment must be made on or before the due date for each semester as stated on the fee invoice. Full details of fee payment options are available here.

Re-enrolling students are requested to ask for fee invoice if they have not received any in the mail 2 weeks before semester commencement date. Students also need to request for fee invoice directly if they enroll or add unit(s) late. Please contact Cashier’s Office (Tel: 085-443885) for enquiries on fee and / or request for additional copies of fee invoice.

Fees are calculated on the basis of unit enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that payment of course fee is received and cleared by the University at the close of business day on the due date.


International students are subject to extra fees that arise as a result of Malaysian law. These include Hospitalization and Surgical insurance as well as fees for immigration services (student visa and pass fees) and security deposits. These are indicated below.

Additional fees Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (for international students – compulsory) 850 per annum
Hospitalization Deposit (Refundable) 500
International Student Registration fee (Not Refundable) 300
Student Visa Stamping Fee (Not Refundable) 20

*Security deposits

International students are required to provide in favour of Curtin (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a security deposit of a sum roughly equivalent to a one way airfare back to their home country. The value is determined in part by the Malaysian Immigration Department, and also by Curtin University, on country by country basis and subject to changes in international airfares. The latest updated figure for your country will be listed in your offer letter.