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The International Division

The International Division is the focal point for Curtin Malaysia’s international students, drawn from over 45 countries all over the globe. We offer an extensive range of support services to ensure that our international visitors make the most of their time on campus and in the natural beauty of Miri and the surrounding area.


Acting as a home away from home, the International Division is here for you from the moment you arrive in Miri to help you get settled. We assist with airport reception, medical checks, insurance and opening a bank account to set you on your way. In addition, throughout the course of your stay, our staff will assist you with visa renewals, insurance claims and dealing with your day to day needs.

We also provide information and coordinate student exchanges, campus transfer and study abroad programs. Finally, the International Office hosts an exciting calendar of events focused on integrating internationals with the wider student body as well as promoting tourism within both Sarawak and Malaysia.

Please stop by our office between 8:30am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. Please note we are closed on weekends and public holidays.


Mr. Bradley Kimun anak Endes (Senior Officer, Student Administration)
Ms. Jessica Reddish (International Division Officer, International Office)
Mr. Abdul Daim bin Hadenan (Assistant Officer, Student Support, International Office)
Ms. Lydia Dibah anak Ngalih Inggol (International Division Assistant, International Office)


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