Counselling Services

Curtin Malaysia’s Counselling Service is free, confidential and available to all students. The counselling staff provide support for study and learning strategies, career and course changes, cross-cultural issues and personal counselling.

Sometimes we reach a point where we are unable to find solutions on our own. Not being able to find a solution to a problem simply means we are human – not different from others. Psychological upset and painful feelings are normal reactions to intense or abnormal events and are part of the natural healing process. Counselling can help facilitate this healing process.

In addition moving to a new country, a new culture, environment and education system can be a stressful transition. It is important for you to know that if you are experiencing difficulties or have concerns, there is someone you can talk to.

Counselling Services is ready and waiting to assist you in a variety of personal development areas. Common concerns include puzzling, distressing feelings, self-defeating behaviours, low self-confidence, academic problems, getting along with others, marital or relationship discord, dealing with children / colleagues, career related issues, decision-making dilemmas, feelings of depression or anxiety, stress reduction and relaxation, time and task management, and grief and loss. If you;re having any of these feelings, or want to discuss any other problems you’re facing, whether personal or academic consider making an appointment for an individual counseling session.


Individual counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a personal counsellor about anything you wish and to get help in resolving conflicts, solving problems, choosing a major, handling crisis situations, making decisions, and developing better coping skills. Staff and students are occasionally referred off campus to appropriate community resources. Our trained counsellor is available to help staff and students work through personal concerns and learn new strategies of dealing with stress. You can explore a variety of concerns that may prevent you from functioning at your optimum levels and achieving your personal goals.

With your counsellor, you will set goals for yourself and then take action to pursue those goals. You may decide to seek further education, enhance your skills, make changes in your current job, or seek a new job, or make lifestyle changes. Your counsellor can help you with preparing for any of these steps.

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Appointments can be made at any time by email to

Alternatively fill out the online Appointment Request Form or simply drop by the Health, Counselling and Disability Services at Ground Floor, Prinia 1.


Do you want a window onto your true self? Learning your true self will impart understanding on your emotion, behavior and cognitive. The self rating scoring draws the shape of your conscious mind, however for advance self-understanding and further explanations please discuss your test results with us.

How ambitious are you? 

How self-conscious are you?

Will you reveal who you really are?

How high is your power motive?

How well do you know your brain?

How High Is Your Self-Esteem?

How well do you know yourself?

Are you socially anxious or socially secure?

What’s Your Learning Style? 

Are you in control?

Are you a stress-prone ‘Type A’ personality?