English Competency for Cross Campus Exchange/Transfer

It is a requirement by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia for all students who wish to engage in a Cross Campus Exchange or Transfer to Curtin Bentley to provide valid certification and documentation as evidence of the applicant’s English competency for the student visa application.

Failure to provide any valid certification and documentation via email within 28 days of the application will result in a student visa refusal. Do note that the approval of an Australian Student Visa is at the discretion  of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and its requirements differ from that of Curtin’s.

To learn more on the requirements, process and steps in applying for an Australian student visa, click here.

For enquiries on Cross Campus Exchange, contact Goh Hui Nee of the Marketing Department via email at goh.hui.nee@curtin.edu.my.

For enquiries on Transfer to Curtin Bentley, contact International Division via email at id@curtin.edu.my

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